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About Us

Client Centered

Welcome to LQ Financial, your trusted partner in comprehensive financial planning. Our expertise spans a wide spectrum, catering to clients with diverse financial needs for their families and businesses, including those with international backgrounds. Whether you're navigating investments or seeking guidance for financial goals, our team is equipped to guide you to success.

Diversity is at the heart of our approach. LQ Financial boasts a multilingual team fluent in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese. This linguistic diversity enables us to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of immigrant clients, ensuring effective communication and understanding of cultural differences in financial decision-making.

Empowering women in their financial endeavors is a fundamental commitment at LQ Financial. With a team composed of skilled and passionate women, we provide dedicated support and personalized financial planning to help women thrive financially. Join us at LQ Financial, where international expertise, multilingual capabilities, and a commitment to women's financial empowerment merge to shape a brighter financial future for all.

Experience you can count on

We don’t just provide financial strategies. We draw from our team's experience, training and knowledge of financial products and services to offer guidance that helps our clients achieve their most important goals.